Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its been say the VERY LEAST!

To be quite frank, I forgot I even had a blog.

When it did dawn on me that my account was probably still active, I thought "I should try logging in" and I am, again.

Honestly, so much has happened in the past year that I can't even begin to think where I should begin. So, I'll just give the extremely brief version. Ready? Here it is...

We end the summer of 2009 with a couple vacations under our belt, Joe has come and gone to NTC in Ft. Irwin, CA, and we're gearing up for our 2nd deployment to Iraq come October. In August, I start a new job as a Reading Specialist at a local high school (yeah, I said high school) working with remedial 9th grade readers. September, we find out I'm pregnant...wonderful timing. Right before Halloween, Joe takes off for overseas and I'm literally vomiting everywhere. November and December - I puked through those months too, but with less force and the decision is made that I won't be returning to work after the winter holidays....thank God high school is on semesters. Beginning of 2010, feeling better and it's a....boy (Joe is elated). Did some traveling to see family and friends. Joe takes command of his Troop (Crazyhorse) at the end of March and I become FRG Leader by default. We charge through the Spring, preparing for Brady and being a command team. Contractions start coming towards the end of May, I pray Brady holds off on coming until Joe gets home on R&R at the tail end of the month and our sweet little boy does! June 2nd - Brady Knox is born with Joe by my side. Every family member present to witness his first hours. We spend the remainder of Joe's R&R doing a crash course in parenting and then he's back on a flight overseas a week and half after delivery. The rest of June and July have been spent learning how to be a mommy and enjoying every minute of our son's life. Been to the beach, been to the pool, spending time with all of our families, visits from friends, and the list goes on.

So now, we're in the present....AUGUST! Joe's command is in full swing, the FRG is running smoothly, everyone is pumped for the final 2 months. We just got done with weekend visit from Sassy, my mom, and we'll be laying low until Grandpa and Grandma Suzi, my dad and step-mom, come to visit in 2 weeks. We, Brady and I, spend a good bit of time with Honey and Grandpa Jim-Jim, Joe's parents. And of course, we can't forget Brady's favorite aunts (Steph, Marge, and Elizabeth) - we've been spending lots of time with them too.

I hope to stay pretty up to date with this now, so check back when you can.


Tara said...

He is beautiful! He will give you so much to blog about. It will be theraputic to "keep it real" and have others relate to the craziness that comes with being a new mom. Ramsey is 2 and 1/2 and somedays I still don't feel like I have the hang of it.

Yvonne said...

glad to see you're back. sounds like everything is fantastic. miss you guys!

i still do my family blog and then i have my goofy blog that i write nonsense on... i kinda fell away for awhile too and found my way back earlier this summer. i enjoy blogging. it's a good release :)